Faith, this five world sentence has many things and hundred meanings associated with it. Many people have won thousands of wars single handedly only on the basis of this word faith. This is a magical word. It has many powers hidden inside. Faith is present in every part of life. It is present in religions, relationships and friendships. Due to this faith many miracles has happened in this world. Faith provides the person with some mysterious power.

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In faith people are able to walk of fire, nail themselves or submerge in sand. Faith can make a simple person into an extraordinary human being. Swami Vivekananda was transformed into a great saint when he got faith. He dedicated his whole life to transform this faith to others. Faith may be of any type, it has tremendous power in transforming people. It is not the case that the faith of one religion is stronger than the other religion.

However the main difference is put by the person who has faith. Therefore I saw the religions are as strong as the faith of their followers. If the faith of followers is destroyed then religion will be also destroyed. Same is the case with relations also. Once the faith in the relations got missing, the relations collapse. Therefore it is important for us to understand the faith and use it make our and others life more fruitful. For me faith is like a soul for human being and without it, he is dead.
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