Why girls betray their parents?

This question is coming in my mind for sometime. I have seen lot of boys and girls. However I found that the chances of girls betraying their parents are more. A boy many do some small betrayals in life, but after that he will come back to home. However the tendency of girls is totally reversed. Girls are even ready to leave the house. They starts dreaming for something less while are living with her parents.

Like take the example of love affairs. I have seen lot of girls who betray their parent about love affairs and when the parents know then it is too late. Girls can go up to any extent in their love affair. They never remain back from taking any sacrifice for her love. She can go up to any extent. She can spend her parent’s money on her love. She never thought about the respect of her parents. For her only her love is everything.

She do all this mostly in a so innocent way that her parents are not able know the fact till she run with her love. You can see it as the fault of parents. However for me it is the love and trust of parents on her daughter. They can never think it even in their dreams. Why a girl, who has lived for so many years with her parents and got a lot of love from them can betray them. To get the answer of this question is not an easy task. The main reason behind this tendency of girls is the social atmosphere around them.

We are living in an atmosphere where girls don’t live in their parents for whole life. She has to leave her parents home and move to the house her husband. Girls are grown in an atmosphere in parent’s home as they are guests and finally they have to leave it. They are told from the early childhood that some one is made for them and who will take her with him. He will be responsible her wellbeing and happiness of her. Therefore most of the girls start looking for these opportunities, because they did not want to give this chance to their parents. They want to take their decision alone. These reasons play a vital role in why girls betray their parents.

This article in written in taking care of Indian atmosphere and may not represent to other world and all girls.

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