A Wasted Day

Life has become very fast. Nobody has the time to wait and do some other job. Everybody is overburdened by the tasks in their hand. I remember ten years back I usually have lot of time in my hand then I can wait for hours. However, now only waiting for even three minutes at red light makes me nervous. I have lost my patience’s. I have so many deadlines to meet in day that the fear of missing some of them always haunts me. I usually got no time for myself or visiting for some hill station. I want to relax and do meditation but have no time for it. I want to enjoy my life in more free way. I want to be like a bird that is free to move in any direction.

He is not affected by any deadlines. He doesn’t have any boss who gives him order. His primary job is to search for the food and return back to his nest. However we are over exhausted by the million of jobs on our fold. First comes the various concerns of job like target achievement, planning for order generation, converting the customer to our brands. At second number come the responsibilities of home like manage the budget of home, planning for future, make life more secure for the family. At last number come the questions regarding our self. What we are and what we want to become. Where we are and where we want to go.

Problem is not with these things. By managing our time well we can mange them. However the problem comes with the distractions available on the way. There comes many people and situations, which distract us. These distractions are harmful as they lose our times and take us away from goals. Combining these entire things make our life a complex gesture. And due to these complex situations some time we come short of these expectations. We usually run away with times and have very busy life. In this situation a day waste is like big blow to us. In this state of mind we can not afford this. And again if our day is wasted because of others fault then this is an extremely bad experience for us. We are running so fast to achieve our dreams and we feel some one has spoiled our day. But all this happens in life. Life Only by prioritizing our goals we can avoid this to some extent and make our life more fruitful.

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