Surveys or frauds

By reading heading many people may believe that I am the next victim of surveys. To some extent you are right. Like many others, I also have lot of expectations from surveys when I first started taking them. However, even after five months I was not able to earn single money from doing surveys. Though, I have accumulated few points on some survey giving websites. I am lucky that like others so far I have not spent any money on surveys. There are lots of ads on net which attract people to join them by paying certain money. I feel lucky that I have not invested any money in these surveys.

Now, I know lot of things about the survey industry and many realities of it are clear in front of me after wasting my time. Therefore, my advice to all people is that it is very difficult to even earn 1000 rupees per month from it. Moreover, if people are any how able to earn 1000 rupees then they should be ready to spend 990 rupees in internet cost and time wastage. Surveys are no way an easy money making option. For taking surveys one is required to be expert in that field. It is not possible for everyone to be expert in everything. Most of the surveys are for US citizen or concerning to particular industries, therefore very less genuine scope is available for Indians.

There are certain survey sites which provide surveys for Indians also. Like, I got the chance to give views on the ad of British airways for Indian customers. For Indian the average earning per survey range from Indian rupees 40 to 150. However the problem is availability of very less surveys and if they are available then it is very difficult to qualify for them. Every survey has exclusion criteria. To Indians and Asian people all these ads may look very attractive because of big value of US dollars but in reality it not a good option.

There are also lots of fraud sites which demand money in exchange of getting surveys. However, after joining them people mostly do not get surveys and if get then they are not relevant. Some survey sites like Frontdesk provide surveys but give points in exchange of them and people may have to wait for months for getting any reimbursements. Many sites tell to give money but in the end provide other offer or free gifts. From my experience, I can only advice that surveys are OK for fun, however, if people are thinking about taking surveys seriously then they need to think again.

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