I know better than you

Today I am sharing with you all; a trait which is common in most of the people. Only recently I am able to notice it and find it. Recently I acknowledged that many people think that they are superior and what they are doing is right. These people are so much obsessed with them selves that they don’t want to listen to anyone. They think what they are doing is right and they are the better judges of their situations. There is nothing wrong in it also.

To some extent everyone is like this. There is a basic desire in every human to be superior. Everyone likes that his point must be considered and appreciated. We all are grown in the culture where these things are taught. The person who agrees to others is believed as inferior person. Due to this many people avoid to agree to others even if they known others are right. This tendency is a big hurdled in the growth of many. Many people don’t agree to others suggestions and advices due to this belief and fails in life.

This trait is not only limited to some poor or uneducated, however can be seen in advanced and well educated people. There are lot of examples of successful people around the world who have lost everything because they thought that they are best judges and ignored the advices and suggestion of others. I found this treat in myself also. This is present up to some extent in everyone. The main thing is realizing it and not allowing it to over shadow us. The whole life is a learning process. Learning can never stop and nor can anybody learn the whole things on world.

Also we should not confuse this trait with ones tendency to be different or like someone. When you are convinced with some thing you are going to achieve and you ready to face the consequences associated with it. You are not dependable on the results of it then you are not required to worry about it. Some things in life we want to do for our self only and also some mistakes are allowed in life.

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