God please give me some money for going to school

Below, I have written a fictional but actual presentation of millions of children grown on roadside in India. In this story, a small girl is praying to god for providing some money to her so that she can attend a school and become doctor.

Her Prayer-
“God please give me some money for going to school, so that I can tell world I have something in me. Please tell them I am a simple small girl and have no fight with anyone. However, this world goes on making my life difficult. I am not doing anything wrong to anybody. I only want two things which are two times meal and few books to read. I also want to go to school like the other children. My mother works outside a big school. She breaks stones on the road for a construction work. I do not work with her, because I am only 6 years old.

I everyday watch children like me going to the school. They look like me; the only difference is that they come in cars. I wonder if so many children can study there then why not I? I asked this question to my mother, she replied that this school is for rich and we are poor. Further she told me that what I will do by studying. After two three years I also have to do the same job. My mother works for whole day, however she is not able to earn enough for three of us. My father doesn’t do any work.

He drinks alcohol whole day. He beats my mother and demands money from her. The day when my father takes away whole money then we have to sleep even without food. I want to study and become a doctor so that I can help my mother. I cannot see her unhappy. But I am sad that I will never be able to fulfil this dream. May be my mother is right.”

Address- Road side, India

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