I am Happy, but Sad also

You may be thinking that I am gone mad. This is not like that. Some times a person runs against something for long time and tries everything to get it. After some time he loses all hopes to get that thing and starts his life afresh. Every thing was going smoothly; the person had also adjusted with the new life. He has quite well filled the gaps, made by the previous displacement. He has new friends and set of people around him. However the fate is more powerful than the desires of a person. Life again takes a shift. The things for which person was running early, suddenly come in the reach of him. He can easily get them.

This is situation of me at present. I have joined my company two and half year back at distant place from my home. This was first time when I was displaced from my town. I had been there for last sixteen years. Everything of mine was associated with that city. My friends, family and known people were all present there. When I first got known that I was getting transferred to a fare away place from my home then it was very unpleasant and unacceptable for me. I tried to stop it and get a place near to my house. However things were not my control therefore I have to accept the verdict.

I joined at the new location. Worked there, however a desire to go back always remain inside me. I got posting in the place which was totally different from my culture. People behavior was different. First one year was a really hard time for me to pass. Any how I was able to manage it. In between I have sent lot of requests for transfer, but all of them gone in vein. From second year onward I started adjusting well in to this culture. I got lot of friends ready to do anything for me. Come through many people who become guiding force for me.

Now the things have changed again, company has decided to reshuffle its whole step up. Lot of divisions will be merged to new ones and people will be displaced from their places. In this displacement suddenly I got the chance to again shift to near my home. Therefore I am happy that I am going back. Again I will travel on the same roads, meet the same old people and speak the same old language. However I am sad also that I will miss some of the friends here. I will miss those people who have helped me in seeing the life in new way. It only their love due to which I am sad. Now I agree that everywhere it is happiness and good people, it only requires seeing the world in different way.

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