Do remember to brush at night?

Due to my profession I meet lot of ENTs and dentists. My discussions with the doctors have revealed that we can avoid our most of dental, throat, nose and ear infections by daily brushing our teeth at night. All of us do brush our teeth at morning, however very few do it at night. Where as, the more need of brushing is at night. Whole day we eat lot of things and some part of them got stuck in our teeth. At the night the bacteria got chance to secret acid to digest this food and this causes the tooth decay. Otherwise if we have cleaned our teeth then bacteria will not get chance to secret acid.

Moreover brushing two times in a day makes our mouth more clean and therefore provides fewer chances for bacteria to grow. This also helps in avoiding other upper respiratory infections. Teeth are the beautiful creation of God. It is very difficult for use to enjoy food without them. Although we can replace them, however that advantage of original teeth never comes again. Lot of pain is associated with the tooth decay. We can either avoid or reduce the chances of tooth decay significantly by brushing our teeth at night.
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