Getting divorce from Amir Khan

There are thousands of divorces which happen around the world every week. Divorce is not a new thing in this world and today’s relations are more prone to it. The reasons behind it are many like fight, altercation, mistrust or frauds. However all these things are not good for both the individuals because they both have to go through lot of stress? Whole life become disturbed and sometimes they come under emotional shocks. More problems come when the relations are old and they have children.

For adults it is still ok; however for children it is difficult to come out of this shock. Children are not matured enough to face all these changes. These are some of problems associated with divorce. However, there is one more interesting point associated with divorce. Like for example, when one of them is a highly reputed person. Recently a top Indian film star Amir Khan took divorce from his wife. Earlier, he had himself done love marriage. He had gone against the wish of his parents to marry his wife.

His wife filed a case against him and told that he has spoiled her life. However her words got no listeners. Initially, she got some listen from media but within few days nobody has time for her. Now media is busy in covering about the new marriage of same star. Everyday a new article is there about the star or her fiancé. Whereas earlier wife is also true in her words, as she has sacrificed her parents and religion to marry him. Now the same person has left her alone in life.

In India a woman is known because of her husband and they usually do not have their separate identity. Moreover if the person is a renowned one then it is more difficult for them to make their own presence felt. Therefore most of the women like to remain inside the homes and do not make any identity for them. Only difficulty arises when they have split in relations. Man usually gets the new wife but the woman has to face a difficult time and sometimes to accept compromises.

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