Every one needs a friend to share

Every one needs a friend to share
Above line look ordinary to some people, however it has lot truth lied inside it. We are busy people today and usually have no time for others. We are over burdened by our ambitions. We run here and there to achieve our dreams. Some of us are fortunate enough to achieve it and others are not. Life is like this only. However this is cycle which goes on repeating itself. It is not necessary that those who achieved success today may achieve in future.

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With the time new faces emerge out and we have new achievers. Therefore everyone’s life makes a good combination of success and failures. In failures he wants to justify itself, where as in success he wants to share it with others. This is like a weakness for many. However we can not share all these things with everyone. For this we require a good friend, who can support us. Who listens to us and who understands us?

These kinds of friends are like assets and everyone has one or two friends of these types in life. They help us in coming out of lot of emotional traumas which we face in our life. They listen to us carefully and appreciate our points. When ever we are emotionally low we like to meet them. After meeting them we feel our self more balanced in energy. One more important point is learning this art. If we are good in this art then we can make lot of friends and people can easily trust us. This art is like a leader in carrier of many success people who have used it and got success.

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