Why every other nation is worried of Indian growth story?

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 Under the leadership of Narendra Modi, India is growing very fast and this thing is not digested well by many other nations across the world. Most nations have seen India as a soft state and even smaller nations were able to bully us on trivia issues. But now these things have changed thanks to the great foreign policy of the present Narendra Modi government. Modi has worked hard to make India a strong nation in all important fields. We are now developing faster than many big nations and becoming powerful enough to defend ourselves. The position of India has greatly changed on the international front and many nations are recognizing the power of India. 

Many nations worry that how they dominated and exploited India in past will not be possible in future.

Earlier, India needed the support of other nations more but now other nations depend on India. India is making all efforts to become the 3rd economy in the world and we can achieve it shortly. Recently, India became the 1% supplier of defence equipment in the world which shows the power of increasing defence sector of India. Though, 1% may look very small number to many in actual terms Indian defence exports are increasing exponentially. Soon, India will pass many middle-level defence export players by offering many defence equipment. There is huge potential in Indian arms like Brahmos, Brahmos NG, Tejas fighter planes, Akash air defence system and many others. 

India is also trying to break into many other potential sectors like making semiconductor chips which we still lack behind other countries. Tourism is another big potential for India and the number of worldwide tourists is already increasing in India. Recently, our Prime Minister Narendra Modi advised us to visit the Indian islands of Lakshadweep and Andaman Nicobar instead of visiting anti-India foreign countries like Maldive. The make-in-India policy of the present government is pulling huge investments for the nation and many companies are shifting from China to make their products in India.

The exceptional growth of the Indian stock market is also indicating the growth story of India. Many big countries are investing their pension funds in India to get good returns in the future. All these factors put forward a very rosy picture of India and its future. 

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