It is the time for Christmas Holidays (Some Christmas Images)

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All around the world, people are now busy celebrating Christmas with their loved ones. Christmas is one of the biggest festivals celebrating in our world and this festival is very popular because of the huge population of Christians across the world. In India too, we can find huge enthusiasm for the festival of Christmas. Not only Christians but people from the other religion too enjoy celebrating Christmas.  This festival is celebrated to mark the birth of Jesus Christ who gave his life for the welfare of ordinary people.

I do wish everyone a very happy Christmas and I do wish that this day bring happiness to every person's life. During my childhood on the Christmas day, I always wanted that Santa Claus should pay a visit to my home and give me a toy. At that age, I was not aware of the fact that your parents or loved one become a Santa for you. It is a good thing to enjoy festivals because they spread happiness and love. Today, people are becoming more comfortable with each other's festivals and therefore, we see more participation of people in all kinds of festivals.

Recently, I captured some of Christmas images during a school function organized to celebrate Christmas day. During this celebration, all students participated with full enthusiasm and made the function a big hit. These pictures are taken at Shiv Model School, Railmajra (Punjab). 

Christmas, Images

Christmas, Images,

Christmas, Images

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