Finding yourself alone in your journey

It is quite often in Life that we find ourselves alone on the life path. Despite having many people around us, we feel alone. Now it is up to us that how we plan for the next move. It is quite hard to move forward alone in the unknown territory and requires lots of courage. However, we have no choice because no one is willing to help us. This situation comes in front of almost everyone at some stage in life. Here we need to take a wish decision so that we can move ahead despite all the issues and problems.

It is not right to wait for help from the others because those who have to help you, they never wait. When we wait for help, then we only waste our time. Therefore, we need to take a step and move forward. I know that this path is full of fear and unknown dangers, but for a good future, we need to move on it so that we can reach our destination.
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