When we will stop Polluting our rivers

When I see the current condition of Indian rivers, then I feel very sad because day by day condition of such rivers is becoming very bad. Some of small rivers have already died and other's condition is so bad that it is difficult to distinguish between a river or a sewage waste. Already, we are facing an acute shortage of quality water in India; however, still the awareness level among people is very low, about the increasing pollution in rivers. Even the condition of one of a big river of India, Yamuna is not fine. When Yamuna crosses through Delhi, then It loses its shape and flow, here it has only turned into a rainy river with only Delhi's waste flowing rest of the year.

It is the duty of every Indian to not pollute our rivers and increase awareness among common people about the increasing pollution in Indian rivers. In some of the places, the condition of the Indian rivers is so bad that aquatic animals can't survive in them. The impurity level has gone so high in water in certain places, that it is even advised not to take a bath on that place. The government has spent millions of rupees to clean rivers; however, due to corruption and lack of awareness, nothing has been achieved so far. I try my best to aware as many people as possible about the bad condition of rivers and advise them to not pollute our rivers or water bodies.
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