Craze in Military Accessories

Recently, I saw a news in the newspaper that military grade accessories like night vision binocular, are available on the leading online store It was quite shocking to know that such items are available free online which are still not available with the Indian army. This thing gives a big shock and creates a big security risk. Already, we see many terrorist attacks in India and most of the militants have advanced weapons and sometimes, even better than our army.

Militaries/ armies play very important role in every part of the world. They make us safe and comfortable with securing our borders. They also help us during emergency conditions like natural calamities. Therefore, many people remain fascinated with military accessories; however, this doesn't mean that they should be made freely available because no one know that how they will be used in future.

In foreign countries can find good collection of such military accessories with people; however, in India such gadgets and accessories are banned for common people. After the publication of this news, Government of India ordered amazon India to withdraw such banned items from its India selling list and as per the latest news amazon has followed the rule and stopped selling such items in India. Such news shows that there is a great lapse in our system which makes vulnerable to any attack. 
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