Changing Relationship dynamics with time

Time is a great teacher and we all learn many valuable lessons of life from the time. As a child, we see relationships differently; however, as we grow, we find that relationship dynamic totally change with time. People or relatives who were once our best friends become our biggest enemies, In the present world, money is taking the main position and it is directing the dynamics of the relationship. People have started giving more importance to money than the relationships.

Today's relationships don't enjoy same strength which they used to have once. Due to the weakening of relationships, people are becoming alone and finally suffering from various psychological disorders. Love and truth have almost disappeared from every relationship, leaving behind many doubts. It is common to hear news where a relative kills other relative for the money. This is the saddest part of present world which is not good.

This selfish world also leaves no option in front of you than to take many decisions which you may not take otherwise. People want to take our advantage; however, in return, they don't want to give you back anything. Even sometimes, you self-worth and self-respect become questionable. Under such circumstances, you have no other option but to become like the others.

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