Height of Cruelty - An innocent dog thrown from the roof of a four story building

It looks that the numbers of people with psychological problems are on the rise in our world. Here is another example which proves this. Yesterday, a video, become viral on the social media in which a person through an innocent dog from the roof of a four story building. Luckily the dog was saved with few fractures. Many animal lovers after seeing this video started a campaign to identify the person and arrest him. Today, police arrested two person, one who through the dog and others who shot the video. The vetarny doctors say that dog is now safe and he will recover in a few days. The sad part is that the person who through the dog is also a medical student. This act of crime on an animal is very horrible and we need strict punishment for people doing such acts. Below, you can yourself watch this video to see the height of cruelty in this act.
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