Does the intolerance is really increasing in India?

Presently, one question is very popular in the media that does the intolerance is increasing in India? There are two sides, one side says that it is true and intolerance is increasing in India, while there is second side which says that all this is false and few people are trying to defame India in the international circle.  With each passing day this fight is becoming fiercer and blame game is on the rise.

The opposition parties are putting pressure on the government by organizing rallies and march to end the atmosphere of intolerance from India. To show the displeasure many famous writers, film makers, poets, scholars and historians have returned their awards. However, the people in government and the people who support the government are questioning the intentions of all eminent people who are returning their awards.

People who support the government are saying that everyone who has returned award is doing so to defame the name of Narendra Modi's government and they are people who enjoyed shelter in the last Congress regime. In coming days, we can expect more fight on this issue because day by day new things are happening.

In the last few months, few things have happened which shows that there is an increase in the tendency of intolerance and we need to address this problem properly so that people learn to be tolerant for the shake of peace in society.

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