Writing from your heart makes you a good writer

It is dream of many writers to become a good writer; however, very less number of writers actually succeeds in it. The main reason of their failure lies in their inability to follow their heart. To become a good writer, you are required to follow your heart and write accordingly. Good writers do not write for others, they write for themselves. On the way, others start liking what they are writing. When writers try too hard to impress their readers then they miss main point of good writing. 

 If yours writing is not coming from your heart then it will not have depth to attract readers. Readers like to read again and again authors who write from their heart because they find great enjoyment and insight in these writings. Just with good command on English, you do not become a good writer; however, your depth of writing makes you a good writer. People remain interested in reading genuine stories which enrich their knowledge or challenge their emotions. 

Writing is also not a tool for becoming successful; it is a simple exercise to going more and more close to your inner self. With honesty and sincere efforts, any writer can achieve great depth in his writing. Such writers create master pieces of literature which always survive. So first reach your heart to become a good writer. When you will succeed in touching your heart then you will also become successful in touching hearts of others. 
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