Ugly link of cricket and betting

Recent revelations by Delhi and Mumbai police on cricket and betting has shocked whole nation. How even a single bowl is fixed in cricket? Overall it is a great shock for cricket lovers who were following it like a religion. BCCI has today become a money making machine and it is no way concerned with the welfare of cricket.

Cricketers are only used to make money and millions of common cricket fans are looted with tactics like betting. IPL was introduced as short version of cricket to make this game more interesting. However, IPL become first choice for betting and making millions of rupees through it. With this police investigation, we can hope some of these culprits will find place behind bars and it will clean cricket.

Once cricket was known as gentleman’s game; however, today it has become game of betting. The biggest point of worry is involvement of many top officials of cricket in it. It now becomes duty of government of India to take all measures and insure clean environment in the game cricket.
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