No one is perfect but everyone can become perfect

Heading of this post is telling many things and we can learn from this line “No one is perfect but everyone can become perfect”. We all human beings come to this world as imperfect beings and slowly learn new skills. Therefore, if today you are imperfect in something then do not worry because at some time even big personalities of world were in your category. However, with constant efforts you can improve yourself by learning new things and one day you will become a perfect being.

This is constant journey of every human being from a Non perfect human being to perfect human being. However, the sad point is that many people fail to follow this simple and straight path. They never try to improve themselves and later wonder that why they are imperfect. They do not consider this point that everyone becomes perfect with constant actions. By seating at same place and by doing nothing, no one can achieve anything in life. So wake up and start improving your skills to become a perfect personality.
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