Mental Cozenage is worse Physical Cozenage

Mostly we consider that physical pains are very bad however, in reality these are mental pains which are worse. We can know extent of a physical pain by examining it but it is near to impossible to measure depth of a mental pain.

As per law, it is crime to give metal pain to someone but sadly, it is very difficult to see these pains. Therefore, many people who cause such pains go unpunished because it is hard to check claims of mental cozenage. Many psychologists and experts believe that mental cozenage is worse than physical cozenage because mental cozenage effects last for very long time.

Many of such mental pains take form of different physical disorders if they remain for long time. It is very wrong to give mental cozenage to someone because it can cause much deeper harm to him with long term effects. We can remember many incidences from our past life in which we become victims of mental cozenage and how such incidences affected us physically and mentally.

However, sad point with most of human is that they give same pain to others which they have suffered in past. We all need to know that our behavior, our words and actions can affect others mentally; therefore, we should take our actions and speak words with care so that no one gets hurt.
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