Why we can’t learn from the mistakes of others?

Sometimes, we observe a very strange thing about others that no one wants to learn from others experiences. Many people repeat same old mistakes which others have done many times. If we can learn from mistakes of others then we can avoid them in our life. However, our ego does not allow us to listen to others and therefore, we commit same mistakes.

 If any how we can put our ego side then we can learn lot from other’s life. How they got success in life and about matters in which they failed? It is very important to learn from other’s life because if we commit same mistakes ourselves then we will lose lots of important time and energy. It is important to listen to experienced persons and avoid their mistakes. 

We can learn lot about others through observation and reading good books. There are many books in market which consist of life experiences of many people. In this way, we can read a book to increase our knowledge about life. Those people who constantly increase knowledge and avoid mistakes done by others they lead a happy and prosperous life.  
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