Better Road connectivity is Key to Success for any country

If any country want to become a successful nation then it is very important for it to provide better road connectivity to its people because it is not easy to develop a place which is not connected by a good road. A good road is essential for developing all parts situated on it. There are many examples around the world where many places saw good growth after they got good road connectivity. When we have a good road to some place then it is very easy for us to reach that place and transfer good things there.

It becomes very easy for people to move in and out of that part so that many kinds of business opportunities emerge. It becomes very easy for farmers of that part to sell their crops at high price at new places. It also becomes possible to set up industry and many other things which can provide good employment to people. Therefore, we can say that road and development of people are interconnected. Without a road, people remain cutoff from other parts of country and left behind in development race. Due to this reason, all countries across the world spend billions of dollars on road development.
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