New Age Political Leaders of India

From last year, we are seeing some changes in Indian politics with entry of new age political leaders like Arvind Kejriwal and Swami Ramdev. Both these leaders do not have any big political party behind them; however ambitions of both these leaders are very high. Both of them want to give new corruption free political alternative to common people of India.

So far, public protests of both these leaders are seeing great response; however, it is required to be seen that how much success they will get politically. Corruption is one of biggest problems in Indian politics and many common people also believe same. Arvind Kejriwal has announced his political party while Swami Ramdev has not announced any such attentions. Upcoming Elections in India will test real strength of these new age leaders.

There is usually big difference in popularity and real political success. Arvind Kejriwal’s party is likely to contest first elections in upcoming Delhi Assembly Election and with this first test, it will become clear that common people consider his political party a good alternative or not. There is always a good scope of new political parties and new leaders in Indian political system because it makes our political system even more strong. As an India, I welcome these leaders and hope that they will give us corruption free alternative.
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