Why we tolerate so much corruption?

Today, India is one of the most corrupted nations in world thanks to corrupt politicians, bureaucrats and industrialists. Corruption has become so wide that these people are now doing corruption openly. Nobody looks to have any fear of any kind because they know that neither law can nail them nor people will revolt against them. 

Due to this reason, confidence of these people to do corruption is increasing and we are seeing new national records in scams. How long this story will go like this? No one looks to have any answer because we have become so much used to all this that we have started ignoring all this. It looks that we have given complete freedom to these corrupt leaders to do corruption. However, we all need to understand one big relationship between increasing inflation and high level of corruption. 

If we remove corruption and scams from system then state revenues will definitely increase and it will decrease some pressure present on public. Corruption makes rich people more rich and poor more poor because it steals money from nations which belongs to common citizens. If we do not raise our voice against corruption today then tomorrow, we will not have anything left for us.
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