You should look for other alternatives than Adsense Alone

If you are a webmaster and earn money with Google Adsense program then it is time to look for some other alternatives too because in recent times, Google has made many changes in its adsense program. To remain competitive and provide more value to advertisers it is selling ads at much lesser price. This change simply means that now you will be paid less.

Now how much less you will be paid then it is not easy to give exact number; however, it is estimated that revenues from Adsense are likely to decrease by 20 to 50%. Therefore, time has come to look for other alternatives to boost revenue. One of solution is mobile advertising because mobile app and mobile webs are becoming a big reality. You can easily convert you web content in to a mobile app or mobile web to attract these customers.

By adding mobile ads to this content, you earn some money too. With this change, you can expect to increase your earning by 10 to 30%. Second option is looking for good affiliate programs because numbers of affiliates programs are paying good money. By making these changes, any webmaster can compensate decrease in revenue from Google Adsense program.
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