You can not buy Happiness because it is not sold by anyone

We see many advertisements in newspapers which say that you can buy happiness by buying their products or services. However, here I want to make a point that it is not possible for any person to buy true happiness because it is something which grows inside us. Can be get it by buying a product for example a car? 

All these happiness are not true happiness and they do not last long. After sometimes, such happiness loses its charm or completely disappears. Therefore, any dependence of such materialistic things and objects of world can only provide momentary happiness to us. We only remain happy till we have them soon we loose same love for them and simultaneously happiness associated with it also disappears. 

On the other hand, true happiness is something which always remains inside us whether we have something or not. Such happiness is not dependable on materialistic objects of world. Any person who has such happiness can never feel sad in life. Therefore, it is important for us to discover this happiness inside us than running behind materialistic objects to make us happy.
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