Do not regret your past it can not be redone, but you can make better future

Many people suffer from this problem of regretting their past and due to this habit, they waste lots of valuable present moments. It is important for us to remember that no one can redone his past, what has happened in past has happened? So stop living in past and start living in present. Past is dead already so there is no fun in wasting time on it.

However, human beings are mostly such an emotional fool that they are carried away by emotions. The biggest disadvantage of worrying about past is loosing our present for it. Moreover, when we remain with past then we remain with a dead object over which we have no control. Overall life is very small and we never get back same time again. Therefore, there is no fun in wasting our time on past events which can not be changed.

Though, sometimes we are so much emotionally attached to these events that it takes good time to move over them. It is truly a difficult task to forget many painful past events; however, we need to remember that these events should not create more pain for us. By remembering such events again and again, we give this pain again and again to ourselves. Therefore, stop it and move over it to enjoy new beauty of life.
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