Are credit cards to be blamed for overspending?

Credit Cards and overspending are mostly related to each other because it is widely believed that credit cards make people to over spend. Now let’s investigate that How much truth is present behind this assumption. Credit Cards are designed to provide financial freedom to people in from of a capacity to spend up to certain limit by paying interest in return.

Mostly, there is no cost in using credit cards when we keep their usage under control and pay credit card bills completely and on time. Only problem starts when we over spend on credit cards and do not pay our bills on time then we enter a vicious circle of paying huge interests. Many people become victim of over spending on credit cards and later find it hard to pay back.

People only realize this problem when there are big debts on their credit cards. I know at least dozens of people who have become victim of over spending on credit cards and at some point, I do committed this mistake because I believed that next month I will be able to pay my extra bills.

Many times, we find many attractive offers and find it hard to control ourselves despite having no money; however having a credit card lures use to spend and it mostly results in over spending. Though with time, we learn to manage credit cards well and not over spend on them.
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