So Now we do Video Calling

Thanks to first 3g and then to free services like fring, we can make almost free video calls to anyone around the world. Last month, most of 3g players in India reduced prices of 3g tariff by 75%; therefore, now everyone can enjoy benefit of 3g. Moreover, there are some hopes that 4g will get start in India by the end of this year or by the beginning of next year.

However, at present 3g is making life very easy to many people like me. Now I am able to do quality video calls with excellent voice and video quality. Technology is really changing fast and it is making our life very easy. Video calling is benefit of this technology. Though, 3g is mostly available in cities and town of India and still a big 60% village population of India is away from this benefit. However, with time we can hope increase in coverage of 3g network to most parts of India.

According to experts, 3g revolution comes very late in India but still it is better to be late than never. Other hurdle with many Indians is non-awareness of latest technologies; therefore, they miss these benefits. Overall, I am very happy and optimistic about this development.
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