Only to Secure a Government Job

In India, we can find great desire in people to get a government job because these jobs provide a great sense of security. Therefore, we can see people waiting for years to get a government job. However, in recent times numbers of government jobs have reduced considerably. This love for government jobs have resulted in increase of corruption with many leaders and officer demanding lakhs of rupees for providing these jobs. 

Many aspirants pay bribes in the tune of Rs 1 Lakh to Rs 50 lakh to get such jobs. Even a government job of peon attracts lakhs of aspirants and people become ready to pay lakhs of rupees to get these jobs. This is really strange situation is India which is increasing corruption too. Desiring and intelligent candidates mostly fail to get these seats because of high level of corruption whereas candidates with money power become successful. This system is taking our country in to wrong direction which is bad for all of us in long run.
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