My Thoughts on Becoming a Parent

Entry of a child can make your life very interesting and happy. Same has happened with me. Six months back, I became father of a son and today, I spend and enjoy lots of time with him. He keeps me occupied so much with him that I hardly have any time for any worry or sadness. Even when I was feeling sad then his innocent actions and movements make me to forget all worries and start enjoying with him. 

Truly, parents are most blessed beings on this earth because they witness wonder of life so closely. It is a great adventure and fun in itself to see a baby growing and becoming strong with time. Slowly, he becomes a part of your life and you find it very hard to think anything else expect him or her. This is a simple pleasure of life; however, many people miss it because of busy life. Small kids are very innocent beings and they do everything very innocently and you hardly get angry with them for their actions. 

With him time moves so fast that these six months have passed away like six days. Before becoming a father, I always have some restrictions about small kids and I used to think that they are very messy beings on earth. However, entry of this small angel has changed my thinking completely and I have started lovely small kids. I wish every parents and their kids a very happy life.
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