Breaking Relationships

Today, we live in a world of breaking relationships because large numbers of families are breaking apart. Joint families are slowly becoming a story of past and even single families are not strong enough to hold this pressure. Therefore, we are finding relationships breaking very fast in present society. One of main reason of this problem is increasing self ego of people. 

People of present world are becoming more egocentric and they just want to fulfill their own desires only. It hardly matters to them that what is good for others. In the search of modern life, people are following the path of moving alone. This kind of approach is making present relationship structure very weak. Today, trust between people in any relationship has decreased considerably. 

Everyone wants that others should work according to his convenience and to fulfill this object they go to any extent. People are finding relationships a cage where they loss all of their freedom; therefore, no one wants to make long commitment for a strong relationship. Under such atmosphere, we can expect further deterioration in our capacity to successfully maintain relationships.
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