Weak opposition a Boom for Congress

There is a good news for congress which can help it regaining power again in 2014 Loksabha election. If we go by present trends then many people do not like present UPA government and there are good chances that they will not vote for it. However, good news for the Congress is that there is no alternative in front of people because most of opposition parties are going through bad times because of internal fights within the party. Main opposition party BJP is facing revolt in all states; therefore, large numbers of people do not see it as an alternative for Congress. Same story is present with other regional political parties. 

This situation clearly favors Congress because it offers a strong alternative at centre. Under such situation, many people will vote for Congress because of weakness in opposition parties and not because they like Congress party. Ever increasing inflation has made life of common people very hard and they want to punish this government for its failure to control prices; however, they are puzzled that whom they should vote. Only option remain is congress; therefore, we can say that weak opposition is a boom for Congress.
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