Mobile Revolution and changes for Bloggers

If you are a blogger and you blog often then you must be aware of slow shift of your readers from big screen to small screen of mobile devices. In last few years, smart phones have become an integral part of modern world with most of people having access to them. Mobile operating software like android have revolutionized mobile segment.

With the help of smart phones, millions of people are now accessing internet on their mobile phones. Moreover, this segment is likely to increase 8 times in next 3 years. Therefore, any blogger who does not have presence in mobile segment is likely to loss this potential. It is important for any blogger to make a mobile friendly version of his blog so that he should not miss visitors coming from a mobile device.

There is good news for all bloggers who use because it provides an option to create a separate mobile friendly website for mobile viewers. Bloggers are just required to enable mobile website option for redirection of mobile users to a mobile friendly website. In this way, blogger can easily benefit from visitors coming from a mobile device.

Bloggers using other platforms can look for other solutions to create a mobile friendly version of their website. Future clearly belongs to mobile websites; therefore, it is important for bloggers to be ready for this change.
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