Cricket losing its real shine

When I started watching game of cricket then it was a game of gentlemen and this game has its own standards and ethics. At that time, it was fun to watch it; however, today, cricket has become a commercial circus with no respect for cricket. Cricket Boards like BCCI wants to exploit this game to make more and more money. Due to this, many genuine cricket lovers have lost their interest in this game.

It is very hard for a person who used to enjoy five day cricket games to digest super fast 20-20 games. This fast world has forced cricket to become fast. Game of cricket is very popular in India but this exploitation of game of cricket will slowly damage its reputation. Commercialization of games is very common across the world; however, it is important to not commercialize these games to so much extent that they start losing their real essence.

Cricket is soul of India; therefore, it is important for all of us to not kill its originality. This move to change shape of cricket and make it faster will eventually kill its true form and soon, it will remain a game with no soul in it. Games should be left alone from making money because too much of commercialization is bad for them. I hope that cricket will again retain its own glory in future and commercial exploitation of this game will end.
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