My Thoughts are free

It is very important for any person to free his or her thoughts from world’s influence. We live in this world under the influence of many things; therefore, in result our thoughts become influenced. To live truly in this world, we need to free our thoughts so that we can see this world in true spirit. With free thoughts only we can become a true human being who is capable of taking full responsibility of his life. 

Thought process plays an important role in every person’s life because it helps us to create a reality for us. Without free thoughts, it is impossible to behave in uninfluenced way. Though, it is itself a big task to attain a mind which creates free thoughts. From many centuries humans are conditioned to believe many things and we pass on this conditioning to our children. Under the influence of such conditionings, we develop certain perceptions and see world through these perceptions. 

To be truly a free soul, we need to first free our thoughts of all bondages which do not allow us to think independently.  With free mind and thought process, we reach more near to god itself and learns to enjoy true bless of god. Mostly, our influenced thought process is main culprit behind our separation from true spirit. When we become a free thinker, we become united with nature and true spirit to see true reality in true light. 
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