Political Corruption

Today, large numbers of people do not like politicians across the world because of large level of corruption done by them. After winning election, politicians gain massive power and they use this power to make money and not for the welfare of people. Therefore, common people who support these leaders find cheated at the end.

The corruption done by politician causes many ordinary people and country to suffer. If our politicians starts doing their work well then we can find great growth in all spheres of life. However, these politicians steal hard earned money of common people to increase their bank balance and become part of massive corruption. Because, our politician hold power; therefore, mostly they do not get any punishment for their crimes.

It is important to choose good leaders for top position; however, people mostly don’t have choice in their hands because most of leaders having same profile. Political corruption is greatest worry of present time and it is important for all of us to work in direction to solve this problem. By removing political corruption from world, we can make our world a great world with good leaders.
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