My Heart is pure and I am King

In life, purity of heart matters very much because only with pure heart we can hope to live a great life. Today, it is very hard to find a person with true or pure heart because we see most of people with corrupted hearts. Every child comes to this world as a child with pure heart who does not hold any wrong feelings for any other being; however, with time we become more and more of self centric and many wrong feelings start entering our mind.

Slowly, we become a person with corrupted heart; therefore, we loss our connection with supreme god. To be truly blessed and loved by god, we need a pure heart of new born who does not judge people with his experiences and perceptions. For a grown person world is what he perceives it is while a small child takes it as it is. Small children only cry for food while grown person cry for everything. With pure heart any person is like a king who rules the world. He dictates the life and not got dictated by life. A person with pure heart is free of worries as he always trust great bless of god.
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