Make money by selling you user search history to Google (Screenwise)

Finally to beat competition and offer competitive products, Google is offering incentive to top online users for sharing their user search history with Google under the program called Screenwise. All people who will share their user search history with Google will get Amazon gift coupons of $ 5 dollar for signup and additional $ 5 dollar for every three months stay with the project. People can hope to make $ 25 by joining this project. All participating candidates should have Google Account and 13 year of age while joining this project.

It looks that Google want to remain at the top position by understanding latest practices in search history. Recently, social media networks like facebook have emerged as big threat for Google and they are influencing usage of search engines by people. It looks that Google wants to design search engine of future to remain ahead in competition. How much this project will become success? Well for this need to wait for some time. Overall, it is good news for people who want to get some free gift coupons.
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