Lovely Life with Children

Recently, I became father and my life totally changed. I never had such experience and feeling before. It is very difficult to write down your experience of carrying first time your new born baby and listen to his crying sound because a new born cries lot and it is believed good for him or her. Children totally depend on us for everything and we love to take this responsibility. It is great experience to have children and become ourselves children again. I hope everyone likes children because of their innocence.

Every child looks very beautiful and full of grace and we also feel great enjoyment by going near to them. Whenever, anyone is offered this chance by god to have children then he should enjoy this opportunity. Children are great stress buster and they can easily change our bad mood. I love to spent time with my new born and he makes me happy every time, I go near him. I want to thank god for sending him in to life and reliving me from numbers of pains of life.
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