Live Like a Small Child and remain Happy

One of best option available in front of us to enjoy life is to live like a child because a small child is free of most of worries and tensions of world. He enjoys life as it comes to him and do not try to manipulate it whereas an adult tries to mix many things in life and finally ends up as unhappy creatures. Happiness is very simple and we can easily find it in simple things of life. Small children do the same and enjoy small-2 things of life. We can observe a small child to see his small actions and outcome of happiness out of them.

It is mostly in our hands to live happily and appreciate life or lives unhappily and do not appreciate life. Our world is very simple and full of many amazing and beautiful things but sadly a small child knows it while we adult do not. We adult mostly depend upon worldly knowledge to find happiness and finally, fail to get it. While a small child doesn’t depend on any knowledge and he simply enjoy life.
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