Happiness is Best Medicine

More we go away from happiness in life, more we are required to take medicines in life because happiness is best medicine present in our world. By taking regular dose of this medicine of happiness, we can easily avoid need of various medicines.

There are large numbers of studies available in world which says that chances of happy people getting affected with various illnesses are much less as compared to unhappy people. So, if you want to enjoy healthy and illness free life then shift your state of mind to state of happiness. Happiness is a state of being blessed to live an illness free life.

Though, mostly large numbers of people remain in state of unhappiness and then finally suffer from various illnesses. Therefore, next time when you wake up next morning and then, first job you must do is to start your day with large dose of happiness. Mostly, we believe that happiness comes with worldly achievements; however, it is state of our mind and we can have it whenever we want. At end, live happily and enjoy healthier life.
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