Getting Old is not a bad thing

Many times, we see large numbers of people not finding well with their growing age. Growing age is part of life and it is not possible for any person to avoid it. Every person grows old in this world irrespective of his caste, religion or country. We do not like growing old because old age mostly brings with it death. We all fear death and we want to avoid it at any cost; therefore, we also do not like old age. Despite all this, old age remains as it is and we all are required to face it. We are required to understand this fact that old age will come one day and we should not run away from it. More, we will try to move away from it more it will catch us fast. Moreover, old age provides many golden opportunities to enjoy life and we can do numbers of things in our old age which we failed to do so in past. Old age is our last phase on earth; therefore, it is important for us to take best advantage of it and make it a memorable part of our live.
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