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Do not under estimate deficiency of Vitamin B12

Vitamin B12 is also called cobalamin and it is last vitamin of B vitamin group. Vitamin B12 is a water soluble vitamin and it plays a vital role in the normal functioning of our brain and nerves system. It also plays a vital role in the formation of blood in human body. Mostly, our body requires this vitamin in very small quantity and we need just 2 to 3 µg per daily intake of B12. However, any deficiency of this vitamin can be very fatal because it can lead to Anemia, Gastrointestinal diseases and Neurological diseases. Earlier treatment is required to correct deficiency of Vitamin B12; otherwise, it can cause irreversible problems. The major problem with B12 deficiency patients is that it is very hard to reach this conclusion at some times. Most of tests required to check B12 deficiency in body are available in big cities and big hospitals. Sometimes, symptoms appear so late that it becomes very difficult to treat patients. Therefore, my suggestion to all friends is that they shou

Watch Promo Song Anarkali disco chali

Below people can watch latest item song by Malaika Arora Khan "Anarkali disco chali". With this song, we will again see Malaika performing in an item song. Music of this song is given by Sajid Wajid. Here moves are choreographed by Sajid's sister Farah Khan.

To add good looking furniture to our homes

People can easily add a good look to the interiors of their homes by adding new stylish furniture to it. People can find a good range of furniture in market like rustic bedding. These furniture solutions come in many styles and shapes. People can enjoy huge variety of style and comfort in these products. People can easily search for new designs and varieties of furniture at numbers of web stores selling such products. People can find good range of products as per the need and style. With the help of web stores, it is very easy to buy such products online at the comfort of home at much discounted rates. Good looking furniture is great help for completing a dream of beautiful homes; therefore, we should go for it.

Tips for how to be romantic in Life

Below people can watch video presentation on how to be romantic is life. Many people have this complain from life that romance is not present in their life or it is slowly decreasing in their life. People can find many tips in this video to increase romance in their life. It is important to increase levels of romance in life because in this way, we can make our life very interesting for both partners. Romance is great tool available in our hands to enjoy our life with our loved ones.

Accept challenges of life

It is very important for us to accept challenges of life boldly because challenges of life ultimately decide our future. If we fail to accept these challenges in life then everyone refer to us as failures otherwise, if we accept these challenges then we emerge as winners. Life always offers such challenges at major intervals of life. We can’t know this that when we will meet a new challenge in life. Therefore, we should always remain ready for such things in life. Nature of life is very unpredictable; therefore, we can’t know exactly when a new challenge is coming towards us. Under such conditions, our enemies mostly want that we should fail in life. Sometimes, we may face many such challenges simultaneously thus making it even harder for us. Here we are required to use all of our abilities to solve them simultaneously. We are required to act boldly so that these challenges should not make us weak. Many people find it hard to face such challenges and do not make any efforts to com

To pass winters smoothly

We all know this fact that it is not easy for any person to pass the winters smoothly because of harsh cold waves. Many times, temperature drop below freezing temperature and it becomes difficult to pass the winter nights on the bed because beds often become very cold. Under such conditions, it is very hard for any person to sleep well. To solve this problem, people can get help of heated mattress pads. These pads make our beds warm so that we can enjoy a comfortable and cozy sleep in winters. People can easily buy such heated mattress pads online at much discounted rates and many such options remain active on numbers of web stores.

Sometimes we are stuck with bad people in life

Many times, situations become so in life that we got stuck with bad people in life. We do not like these people; however, under present situations we have no option but to face these people. Life creates such situations that we find ourselves totally out of control to solve them. These people only think about themselves and miss no opportunity to make our life a mess. Because of our good nature, we many times tolerate these people; however, these people do not take care of our feelings and do everything to make us sad. Under such situation, we think of only one thing that how long we can tolerate this non sense. Negative state of mind is not good for us because it slowly put negative effect on our health. It is important for us to get ride of these people soon; otherwise, they will continue to do so. Every person has some limit to tolerate pressure and if this pressure increases then it can cause lot of side effect on us. By removing such people from our mind and life, we can live

Getting Old is not a bad thing

Many times, we see large numbers of people not finding well with their growing age. Growing age is part of life and it is not possible for any person to avoid it. Every person grows old in this world irrespective of his caste, religion or country. We do not like growing old because old age mostly brings with it death. We all fear death and we want to avoid it at any cost; therefore, we also do not like old age. Despite all this, old age remains as it is and we all are required to face it. We are required to understand this fact that old age will come one day and we should not run away from it. More, we will try to move away from it more it will catch us fast. Moreover, old age provides many golden opportunities to enjoy life and we can do numbers of things in our old age which we failed to do so in past. Old age is our last phase on earth; therefore, it is important for us to take best advantage of it and make it a memorable part of our live.

Priyanka is Worried about Rahul's Marriage

Everyone knows this fact that Congress’s Yuvraj Rahul Gandhi is still single and he is fast becoming mature; therefore, Gandhi family and whole Congress party is worried about his marriage. Recently, Priyanka Gandhi sister of Rahul showed her worry during UP election campaign. At present, Rahul is 42 years old; therefore, everyone wants that he should get married soon. Below, people can watch ANI report on this matter.

PGI Chandigarh great help for people of this region

PGI Chandigarh full form of which is Postgraduate Institute (PGI) of Medical Education & Research, Chandigarh. This institute is great help for people of Haryana, Punjab, Chandigarh and Himachal to get affordable health care with ease. Moreover, patients do get quality education at PGI; therefore, we see many hospitals rushing their serious patients to PGI for saving their lives. I do want to recommend this hospital to people because of great care and line of treatment started by them. There are many examples present in front of us in which almost dying patient went home well. Due to great experience of doctors at PGI, we can hope for quick diagnosis and start of line of treatment. To treat any disease well, it is very important to get accurate diagnosis. Here at PGI, we get accurate diagnosis and then start of line of treatment.

Bollywood Love Stories- A Look (Best Bollywood Romantic Movies)

Below people can find a video presentation on famous love stores of Bollywood from Back and White era to present time. All Bollywood lovers will like this video because of lots of information present in it. These are top bollywood movies when we talk about romance in Movie. With this video, people can easily learn about romantic movies of bollywood.

Lovely Life with Children

Recently, I became father and my life totally changed. I never had such experience and feeling before. It is very difficult to write down your experience of carrying first time your new born baby and listen to his crying sound because a new born cries lot and it is believed good for him or her. Children totally depend on us for everything and we love to take this responsibility. It is great experience to have children and become ourselves children again. I hope everyone likes children because of their innocence. Every child looks very beautiful and full of grace and we also feel great enjoyment by going near to them. Whenever, anyone is offered this chance by god to have children then he should enjoy this opportunity. Children are great stress buster and they can easily change our bad mood. I love to spent time with my new born and he makes me happy every time, I go near him. I want to thank god for sending him in to life and reliving me from numbers of pains of life.

Give your home a Stylish Identity

There are many options available in front of people to give great identity to their homes and make them look attractive. One of such option is stylish and good looking address plates. We can easily opt for all weather ceramic address plaques for our homes to make them look different and stylish. People can easily buy such plates from online stores. They are just required to order them online and with in few days, they can get their delivery at home. These plaques not only look beautiful and stylish; however, they also make it very easy to discover a house by providing it an unique identity.

Everyone is connected through Facebook

Today it is very easy to find anyone on facebook because we all are connected through facebook. It has emerged as a great tool to connect millions of people with each other irrespective of their geographical barriers. Facebook is truly a revolution in social media and we can make best use of it to be socially active. I am not a promoter of it; however, under present conditions it is best solution available in front of us. Different people are using facebook for different reasons and they are finding it a great solution. Solcial media services like facebook are making great impact on our society and influencing it. Now, it’s our job to use facebook for betterment of our world and by engaging positive development through it. With time more and more people are joining facebook without the barrier of age and we are getting chance to connect with large audience in minutes. In coming days, we can expect great impact from facebook on our life because of its increasing presence. if you are

Thoughts in Hindi Video Presentation

Below watch video presentation of beautiful and useful Thoughts in Hindi with beautiful background pictures. This video present can be very useful for all people who love Hindi Thoughts. There are total 9 Hindi Thoughts in this presentation. These thoughts are written by me and pictures are taken by. If you like these thoughts and want to read more Hindi Thoughts then do visit my Hindi Thoughts Blog     

To find product parts

From personal experience, any person can tell this that it is very hard to find product parts because very less numbers of shops actually sell product parts. Sometime , we even fail to get essential part from shops selling product parts. However, thanks to many online stores in present world , we can buy such product parts online. For example, recently I was looking for pentair pool heater parts and I failed to buy them in local market then I decided to search about them online. Thankfully, I found a useful web store from where I bought it. Like me, it is now possible for every person to search online for essential products. We all can get help of numbers of online web stores to buy many essential product parts with ease.

Watch Tips to Look Beautiful On Valentine's Day

Below people can watch some of Beautiful tips for girls to look beautiful on Valentine's Day by renowned make artist. By following these tips, girls can look beautiful and stunning to impress their love. It's always a dream of every girl to look beautiful on important days; therefore, they can find these tips very useful. These are simple beauty and anyone can easily apply them.

Watch Pictures of Esha Deol's fiance and Engagement

Yesterday, Bollywood actress and eldest daughter of Hema Malini and Dharmendra Esha Deol got engaged to her boy friend Bharat Takhtani. Soon, they are expected to get married. This ring ceremony took place at Hema’s residence in Mumbai. Most of Hema and Dharmendra relatives attended this function. Bharat Takhtani is a Businessman. Overall, this function was quite simple. Below people can watch some of picture of Esha-Bharat engagement and Bharat Pictures.

Innovative Pool Heating Tool “Solar Sun Rings”

Today, we can find many innovative products in market which are making our life very easy. One of such latest product is Solar Sun Rings. This innovative product help people heating their swimming pool with Sun Rays and also provide many other benefits like reduce growth of mustard algae, save electricity, decrease hardness of water, chemical free and cost saving etc. People can easily buy solar sun rings for their pool online. These rings provide a very convenient solution to heat pools with no extra efforts. These group of rings cover 70% of pool area and break away during accidental fall. Already large numbers of people are using solar sun rings for their pools and finding this product very useful. Below people can watch video on Solar Sun Rings to know more about this product.

Live Like a Small Child and remain Happy

One of best option available in front of us to enjoy life is to live like a child because a small child is free of most of worries and tensions of world. He enjoys life as it comes to him and do not try to manipulate it whereas an adult tries to mix many things in life and finally ends up as unhappy creatures. Happiness is very simple and we can easily find it in simple things of life. Small children do the same and enjoy small-2 things of life. We can observe a small child to see his small actions and outcome of happiness out of them. It is mostly in our hands to live happily and appreciate life or lives unhappily and do not appreciate life. Our world is very simple and full of many amazing and beautiful things but sadly a small child knows it while we adult do not. We adult mostly depend upon worldly knowledge to find happiness and finally, fail to get it. While a small child doesn’t depend on any knowledge and he simply enjoy life.

My new Born Son Pics (Cute Baby)

Below watch few of cute baby pictures of my new born son. With his birth, I am getting chance to live my life again and I feel like a small child. The main attraction of him is his simplicity. So far, he is one month old and we are enjoying his encounter with life. He looks very curious for life and enjoy every moment of it. I finding many new things to learn from him.

Kareena don't like Action Movies (Interview)

As per Kareena kapoor, she does not like much action movies and her preferred choice is romantic movies. Though, we may see Kareena in some action movies still this will not affect her choice. Kareena is playing lead role in forthcoming action movie Agent Venid. Below, people can watch Kareena Kapoor's interview on this topic and what she thinks about working in an action movie.


Below watch second trailer of forthcoming Spiderman movie "THE AMAZING SPIDERMAN". This new spirderman movie and in it, we will see new spiderman played by Andrew Garfield. Earlier, people were waiting for Spiderman 4 movie. However, production team decided to remake movie from part 1 with new star cast and new story which is untold so far. This film is directed by Marc Webb. The main cast of movie includes Andrew Garfield, Emma Stone, Rhys Ifans, Martin Sheen, Sally Field and Irrfan Khan. This movie will be released worldwide on July 3, 2012. In this Spiderman movie, we will get chance to see Indian actor Irrfan Khan. People can hope to see some of the best the action in this movie. .

Watch HD Trailer Hindi Movie "Housefull 2"

Below watch HD (High Quality) trailer of forthcoming Hindi Movie "Housefull 2". It is a comedy movie and sequel of earlier movie Housefull. Main cast of movie includes Akshay Kumar, John Abraham, Riteish Deshmukh, Shreyas Talpade, Jacqueline Fernandes, Asin, Zarine Khan, Rishi Kapoor, Randhir Kapoor and Mithun Chakraborty. This movie is expected to release worldwide on 5 April 2012. This film is directed by Sajid Khan and produced by Sajid Nadiadwala.

Must wear helmet while driving a Two-wheeler

Recently, I was driving on highway where I saw a motorcycle affected with road accident. This accident was so fatal that the person driving two-wheeler got seriously injured. He suffered an injury in head because he was not wearing a helmet. Lot of blood was coming out of his head and he was immediately rushed to hospital. He would have avoided this injury, if he was wearing a helmet. It is very easy for any person to buy an motorcycle helmets and it does not cost much. By wearing a helmet any person can save himself or herself from fatal head injuries. Today, people can easily buy authentic helmets from many online stores. Though, it is mandatory under laws to wear helmets; however, still many people do not prefer to wear a helmet while driving a two-wheeler. I want to request every person who drives a two-wheeler must wear a helmet because there is nothing more precious than life in world.

Happiness is Best Medicine

More we go away from happiness in life, more we are required to take medicines in life because happiness is best medicine present in our world. By taking regular dose of this medicine of happiness, we can easily avoid need of various medicines. There are large numbers of studies available in world which says that chances of happy people getting affected with various illnesses are much less as compared to unhappy people. So, if you want to enjoy healthy and illness free life then shift your state of mind to state of happiness. Happiness is a state of being blessed to live an illness free life. Though, mostly large numbers of people remain in state of unhappiness and then finally suffer from various illnesses. Therefore, next time when you wake up next morning and then, first job you must do is to start your day with large dose of happiness. Mostly, we believe that happiness comes with worldly achievements; however, it is state of our mind and we can have it whenever we want. At end

Time for shift to Dishwashers

With time, Indian lifestyle has changed in big way and today; Indians are also using many such items which were popular in west only. One of such latest product is dishwasher. Large numbers of people are now opting for dishwashers because they provide great help in washing utensils in minutes. People can go for branded dishwashers like bosch dishwasher. Many options are available in dishwasher category and people can easily choose a dishwasher as per their need. Earlier, it was very easy to get a maid for cleaning utensils; however, with time it has become very hard to get one. Therefore, people are opting for options like dishwashers to reduce their worries.

Watch Uncensored Pictures of Katrina

With the help of video available below, people can watch some of uncensored pictures of top Bollywood actress Katrina Kaif. Most of these pictures are unseen pictures of Katrina; therefore, we can hope that all Katrina fans will enjoy this presentation. Katrina Kaif is presently most loved and popular heroine of Bollywood; therefore, it is great gift to watch uncensored/unseen pictures of her.

Make money by selling you user search history to Google (Screenwise)

Finally to beat competition and offer competitive products, Google is offering incentive to top online users for sharing their user search history with Google under the program called Screenwise. All people who will share their user search history with Google will get Amazon gift coupons of $ 5 dollar for signup and additional $ 5 dollar for every three months stay with the project. People can hope to make $ 25 by joining this project. All participating candidates should have Google Account and 13 year of age while joining this project. It looks that Google want to remain at the top position by understanding latest practices in search history. Recently, social media networks like facebook have emerged as big threat for Google and they are influencing usage of search engines by people. It looks that Google wants to design search engine of future to remain ahead in competition. How much this project will become success? Well for this need to wait for some time. Overall, it is good new

To enjoy Hot Coffee

Thanks to many options of portable coffee makers available in market anyone can think about making a delicious hot cup of coffee in few minutes. With the help of a coffee maker, it is very very easy for any person to have delicious coffee in minutes. People can easily trust branded coffee makers from popular brands like airpot to have delicious coffee cups in minutes. People can easily buy such machines online from many web stores at a discounted price. By having a coffee machine at home, everyone can enjoy delicious coffee in minutes and they are not required to visit popular coffee shop to drink a delicious coffee. Moreover, they can easily welcome all guests with hot and delicious coffee.

Political Corruption

Today, large numbers of people do not like politicians across the world because of large level of corruption done by them. After winning election, politicians gain massive power and they use this power to make money and not for the welfare of people. Therefore, common people who support these leaders find cheated at the end. The corruption done by politician causes many ordinary people and country to suffer. If our politicians starts doing their work well then we can find great growth in all spheres of life. However, these politicians steal hard earned money of common people to increase their bank balance and become part of massive corruption. Because, our politician hold power; therefore, mostly they do not get any punishment for their crimes. It is important to choose good leaders for top position; however, people mostly don’t have choice in their hands because most of leaders having same profile. Political corruption is greatest worry of present time and it is important for all

Beautiful life Thoughts (Video Presentation)

Below people can enjoy video presentation of Thoughts of Day on Life. Here people can read many life quotes and thoughts by watching this video which represent many truths of life. These are thoughts of eminent personalities and are filled with their life experience. We can also make our life more interesting and purposeful by getting useful messages from them.

Convenience of GPS Tracking System

Today, GPS tracking system has become an integral part of our life and it has made our life very easy and convenient. People can easily travel securely on rented vehicles fitted with GPS system because it is very easy to track these vehicles. Most of commercial vehicles in India and many private vehicles have gps systems fitted to them. Moreover, people can easily buy gps software for their vehicle at a reasonable cost. There are many online stores which sell such gps tracking systems at reasonable cost. It is very easy to install such software and they make driving experience very secure and easy.

Gifting Model Cars

One of greatest ideas of selecting gifts is present in buying model cars. We can easily find all attractive model cars of all famous brands in market . Moreover, people can buy attractive plastic model cars online from numbers of such dedicated web stores. Cars have always remained favorite gift item for people and similarly, models of famous cars are liked by large numbers of people. By visiting the link available above, people can find many such model cars. We all know this fact that it is very hard to select gifts easily and we need to search lot to find a good gift. Hopefully, people will like this gift idea and they will gift model cars in future .

Beautiful Rose Pictures

Below watch some pictures of beautiful Rose Pictures. Flowers are always associated with beauty because of their great attractive looks. Humans have always appreciated beauty of flowers like roses in their life; therefore, we find flowers in every celebration of human life. This is continues series of pictures of flowers and in future, you can see more picture of flowers.

Gandmool Dosha Nivaran Pooja Pictures

Below, watch pictures of Gandmool Dosha Nivaran Pooja pictures. This pooja is performed to reduce harmful effect of Gandmool Nakshatras for children born under such Nakshatra. This Pooja is very common in Hindu Religion and it is required to be performed on 27th day of Nakshatra.

Video of Riteish Genelia's Reception

Recently, two popular stars of Bollywood Ritesh Deshmukh and Genelia D'Souza got married. Date of birth of Ritesh Deshmukh is 17 December 1978 (33 Year Old) and he is from Mumbai. While Genelia from South India and she has worked in both South Indian cinema and Bollywood. Here date of birth is 5 August 1987 (24 Year old). Therefore, age difference between Ritesh and Genelia is 8 Years and seven months. Many big stars of Bollywood attended their reception, below people can watch glimpse of this wedding.

It is not possible for anyone to solve your problems

Many times, we go to other people for getting our problems solved; however, truth is that it is not possible for anyone to solve our problems because we generated these problems ourselves; therefore, we only can solve them. Though, sometimes we can get miner help from others to solve our problems. It is very important for any person to face problem in life very boldly and solve them with in planned manner. It is very hard for any person to get a life without problems and we all have to face numbers of problems in life. The major reason behind it is that no one in this world can plan his life perfectly. Though with planning, we can minimize numbers of problems faced by us. It is wrong on our part to run to others to solve our problems because in this way, we become dependent on them. All successful people of world are those who know very well to solve their problems. They also do have many problems in their life and they reached great success in life by solving these problems only.

Thoughts in Hindi (Hindi SMS/Quotes) 3

This is third list of Hindi Thoughts/SMS/Quotes. Thanks for linking earlier earlier two posts on Thoughts in Hindi. You can read these posts by visiting  Thoughts in Hindi  and  Thoughts in Hindi (Hindi SMS) 2 . Hindi is one of leading and oldest languages of world . Therefore, we can find many wise talks in Hindi. By applying these thoughts in life, any person can uplift his standards of living. These thoughts provides a great wisdom to live happily and enjoy life as it comes. These are seven Thoughts in Hindi. 1) बुरे विचार आपके जीवन को बेकार घासफूस से भरा जंगल बना देंगे 2) 2) मन की दुर्बलता से अधिक भयानक कोई पाप नहीं. महाऋषि दयानंद 3) 3) दुखो को कभी अपनी थाली में विष न घोलने दें. 4) जिस ने बुरे दिन नहीं देखे, वह अच्छे दिनों में भी परेशान ही रहता है. 5) यदि तुम संसार पर उपकार करना चाहते हो, तो जगत पर दोषारोपण करना छोड़ दो. विवेकानंदा 6) 6) पंछी अपने पांव के कारण जाल में फसते है परन्तु मनुष्य अपनी जुबान के कारण. 7) छोटी सी चुभती बात आपको जीवन भर के लिए एक मित्र से अ

My Heart is pure and I am King

In life, purity of heart matters very much because only with pure heart we can hope to live a great life. Today, it is very hard to find a person with true or pure heart because we see most of people with corrupted hearts. Every child comes to this world as a child with pure heart who does not hold any wrong feelings for any other being; however, with time we become more and more of self centric and many wrong feelings start entering our mind. Slowly, we become a person with corrupted heart; therefore, we loss our connection with supreme god. To be truly blessed and loved by god, we need a pure heart of new born who does not judge people with his experiences and perceptions. For a grown person world is what he perceives it is while a small child takes it as it is. Small children only cry for food while grown person cry for everything. With pure heart any person is like a king who rules the world. He dictates the life and not got dictated by life. A person with pure heart is free of

Watch New Trailer Aamir Khan’s forthcoming Movie “Talaash”

Below watch new official trailer of Aamir Khan’s forthcoming new film “Talaash”. This is only film of Aamir Khan which is going to release this year. The main cast of film includes Aamir Khan, Rani Mukerji and Kareena Kapoor. This film is directed Reema Kagti. This movie is expected across world on 1 June 2012. So far, there is suspense on the story of movie. As it is first and last movie of Aamir Khan of this year; therefore, we can hope for good opening for this movie.