Wasting Present for Past or Future

Problem with 90% of human beings is that they remain occupied with past or future worries so often that they totally forget about present time. In this way, they never get chance to live their present time properly. When we do not live our present life properly then we actually do not live our life properly because our past died much back in time and our future is still unseen; therefore, thinking mostly about past and future, we think about unnecessary and non existence beings.

 While our present is our true identity and it remains available in our hands for fraction of seconds only. It is generally very difficult to understand and feel present because it moves very fast between past and future. Within a second our present moment become past and a new moment from future become present. This process continues for whole life; however, large numbers of people do not see present and drag in past and future. This circle is so fast and happens rapidly that anyone hardly get chance to remain constant with present time.

Present moves fast and it gives its glimpse for a fraction of second only. To observe present and live with it, we need a great presence of mind and our mind should be free from barriers of past and future. Life can only be enjoyed in its present moment because its true colors are visible in the light of present only. On the other hand, when we spent time in past or future then we live a dead life which either does not exist or which may exist. Therefore, if you want to enjoy life truly then you should become part of present moment.
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