No People’s Lokpal Bill? What we got?

Does people’s Lokpal bill will remain a distinct dream or there is any hope for it in 2012. In the beginning of New Year, we can ask this question. Last year, many people say a dream of making India corruption free with the help of people’s Lokpal bill. Many people believed that people’s lokpal bill is a strong instrument for bringing culprits behinds the bars and it can eradicate corruption from all systems. Though, people’s lokpal bill did not found acceptance in political setup of India and especially with government of India.

Therefore, Indian government brought its own lokpal bill which many experts and common people believed as weak bill. Anna Hazare emerged as new hope for people and many people stood behind him during last year to put pressure on government for bringing a strong lokpal bill; however, government did what it thought best and give lokpal bill a new color. Just before the beginning of New Year, Anna Hazare stood up again to put pressure on government; however, this time he lacked support of people of India and his health, thus his struggle failed midway.

Though, Government of India also failed to get passed their own bill on Lokpal; therefore, finally people got no Lokpal whether it is strong one or weak one. Moreover, it is unlikely under present circumstances that Lokpal bill get passed in near future. Year 2011 will be remembered as year for people’s Lokpal struggle and now, we are required to wait and watch to see what year 2012 has stored for Lokpal?
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