How much you like social media?

Every year, many new words enter our dictionary and become part of our life. Few years back, it started with revolutionary search engine google and now it is time of facebook and twitter. Today, it is very easy to find most of people on facebook from all age groups and many of these people can’t live without them. At present facebook following is very strong with more and more people joining it. Moreover, with time facebook is emerging with new methods and technique to engage people with it.

Today, facebook and twitter like websites can be accessed with ease and for free of cost from most of mobile phones. Many people now like to send facebook updates or tweets to their friends then using SMS service from mobile operators. Main advantage with facebook and twitter is that we can send our messages in seconds to worldwide audience and all this at fraction of cost.

For example, it cost me Rs 10 per minute to talk with my brother in law living in Australia through mobile phone; however, I can easily audio chat or video chat with him for virtually no cost at all. These advantages are attracting many new people towards various social media platforms. With this increasing popularity, it looks that social media is going to stay with us for much longer time.
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