Assembly election 2012 and no hike in petrol prices

It looks that government of India do not want to take any risk by increasing prices of petrol before assembly election 2012. In next two month, five states of India will go for vote and any rise in petrol prices can put negative effect on voters. Congress lead UPA government does not want to take any risk. At present, it looks that Congress is likely to perform better in these elections and there is favorable ground for it. Therefore, any wrong step can create problem for Congress in this election.

Congress is already blamed for massive rise in prices of eatables. In last year, we saw sharp increase in the prices of petrol. With weakness in Indian rupee against dollar, it is expected that we will see increase in price of petrol again. Earlier, petrol companies were to increase price of petrol price by 2 Jan, 2012; however, due to the announcement of election, government decided to postpone this decision. At present, we can thanks assembly elections
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